Regisson Silva was born in Curitiba, the biggest city in the south of Brazil. His passion for music came early since his father was an amateur musician. Soon, when he was 10 years old, his father taught him the first chords on guitar, and influenced by the legendary bands such as The Beatles, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and many more he sooner started to have the guitar as one of his favorite company during his days.

Later Regisson became a big fan of heavy metal bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Pantera and Sepultura. And influenced by a documentary where he saw Andreas Kisser (Sepultura’s guitarist) playing accoustic guitar in a classical style he decided to study this way of approaching. Later Regisson became influenced by guitar players such as Kiko Loureiro, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore and other many important names of the instrumental guitar music.

Few years later Regisson started to work as a guitar teacher and as a session musician in a local recording studio. In the same period he founded with his brother a band called Masterpiece, playing covers of the most influential heavy metal bands and also originary songs.

In the year of 2006 Regisson released two eps, one with Masterpiece band (“The Seventh Card” unlabeled) and another with his new prog metal band called Liberty Expression (“Virtual Age” unlabeled). In 2008, Masterpiece came out with another ep called “W.A.F.E.” (unlabeled), and it was responsible for bringing out of Brazil the name of Regisson Silva and his partners. The full length of Masterpiece came in 2012, “Heirs of Freedom” was distributed by the NYC label DigmetalWorld and it was very praised worldwide.

In the latest years Regisson has been working with a local rock band called Mafia S/A and also with a virtual project called All Angels Massacre, recording thrash metal music with musicians of several countries. Also Regisson keeps working with guitar classes in Brazil and worldwide.